What is the relationship between vehicle color and psychology?

At Cimexp we have been dedicating ourselves professionally to the world of vehicles for a long time. This has given us a broad perspective on the most diverse points of view. Among other things, we have had contact with multiple psychological studies that relate the vehicle that is driven with the personality of the person who drives it. Would you like to learn more about this topic? Then read on.

Is there a relationship between psychology and driving?

At Cimexp-FZ-LLC we know that it is no secret that first impressions are important. The vehicle being driven is part of that first impression.

For example, if you drive high-end cars, you will send the subliminal message that you like elegance and comfort. On the contrary, if you drive a sports Lexus, people will understand that you have a certain attraction for risks and bravery. Similarly, driving a Toyota convertible will mean that, to some extent, you like to be admired and attract people’s eyes.

In short, it is undeniable that the type of car that is bought sends, at least during the first impression, certain subliminal messages to others.

Car colors and personality

Now, beyond what has been said, what we want to talk to you about at Cimexp FZ LLC is the close union between the color of the car and psychology. Various scientific analyzes funded by major manufacturers, such as Nissan, have led to the following conclusions:

  • Silver. Indicates an elegant, fresh, individualistic and calm personality.
  • White. Driving, for example, a Mercedes-Benz in this color indicates a taste for detail and perfectionism, as well as stability.
  • Green. Psychology indicates that it is the color chosen by balanced and lively people, as well as by the most trustworthy.
  • Brown / beige. If someone chooses, for example, a Hyundai in these shades will probably be reliable, practical and pragmatic.
  • Yellow. Indicates optimism, youth at heart and intelligence.
  • Gray. Typical of mature, sober, dignified and calm personalities.
  • Blue. Indicates safety, reliability, and general peace of mind.
  • Red. The mythical color of Ferrari is related to dynamism, passion for life and, above all, energy and great general vitality.
  • Pink. Typical of loving people, very sweet and extremely careful.
  • Black. Particularly chosen by conservative, elegant, power-loving and professional individuals.
  • Purple. Among other things, it indicates creativity, rebellion and the desire to be unique.

In conclusion, at Cimexp we have told you to what extent driving a red Isuzu or driving a gray Kia make certain psychological differences. In any case, we always encourage you, when purchasing a car, to choose only among those cars that most appeal to you. Only then will you have maximum satisfaction with your purchase.

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